Jan. 10th, 2012

Well then.

Jan. 10th, 2012 07:27 pm
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Had a ridiculously fun time last night with Abby--we went to happy hour and got horribly and unexpectedly drunk. I had to go to bed at eight o'clock, and was hungover this morning, but it was worth it. I may be over my manhattan phase. It was the happiest I have been in an unthinkably long time.

Today was more bad news: my grandmother, who had a brain tumor removed this August, had a seizure last night and does not seem to be doing that well today. My grandmother's biggest vanity is her high IQ and SAT scores (she talks about them a lot) so it is very difficult to see her so mentally fuzzy.

Before that, my sister came out last Wednesday and stayed through the weekend to keep me company. We had a nice time, and didn't do too much other than go out to eat a lot and watch endless episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I took her to the weirdest Ohio restaurant I know of--an incredible Thai place located inside a Quality Inn next to the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Saw the American version of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo--I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It was a lot less like the Swedish film than the trailer sets it out to be. There are some echoes, but this one was a closer adaptation of the book, and it had a lot more dialogue and comedy. I liked it better than the Swedish one, despite Rooney Mara not being Noomi Rapace. I do think Mara fits my mental image of Lisbeth Salander a bit better. Nobody in that film ever seemed to decide what a Swedish accent should sound like, but this was less distracting than it could have been since I also have no real idea. Swedish just sounds difficult to me.

I've been having a bit of trouble with my weight since October--I've lost somewhere between five and seven pounds, and despite eating terrible foods a lot, I'm not gaining it back. I've cut out all of my cardio except for a one mile jog, and I spend the rest of my gym time with weights, but the scale isn't budging. If I get any smaller, I will not have anything to wear, and that is not good. I bought a pair of 0P pants from Loft over the summer that fit perfectly, but now those are practically falling off and the 00P, a size I have not seen since seventh grade, is a bit loose--I really want my butt back. This is getting ridiculous.

Back to Netflix.


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