Feb. 20th, 2012

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Survey was canceled today again, so I just taught my Latin class, went to friend Chelsea's masters thesis defense, and headed to the gym. In Latin we read some Catullus and told some stories. My students were bored by Catullus but love Martial, which is... fair, actually. Martial = funny, Catullus is really only funny compared to much of Latin literature. Thesis defense went fine, she passed, and ten teenage girls from her high school Latin class came to support her. It reminded me of going to Frau Bau's wedding.

Ran home, laid down for a bit--really shitty night of sleep, again, and went to the gym. It looks like six days a week is my routine for now. Probably five is more ideal--I'm pretty shot--but if I make Mondays an all cardio day and Wednesdays an all weight day or something, it might even out. I ran a touch over four miles today in forty minutes, which is the furthest I've ever gone, and it wasn't so terrible. I could probably do five if I have to (and I have to, if I'm going to run 6.7 in two months) but I was very tired and sweaty afterwards. My attempts at weights were sort of pathetic. I chatted with the guy that runs the place, who is both very friendly and one of the most amazingly athletic people I've ever met. Pretty much every time I see that guy work out, I'm in a good mood. I'm going to need to get faster, though, because I can't imagine running for much longer than forty minutes without getting very bored.

I have gained some weight, real weight, about six pounds in the eight or so weeks I've been back in the gym/Ohio. Most of it in the last three. Goddamn is gaining muscle weight hard. I'm doing pretty well, I think, but I'm really working at it. Probably need to start thinking more about diet. I'm doing high protein/fat and slightly lower carb, but I'm not being amazingly careful about it. I thought for approximately two seconds about trying the primal diet, just because it is something ridiculous that I could do, but that sounds like no fun whatsoever.

Been trying to think up what I would put on a Gene Wolfe inspired flash sheet since yesterday, but I'm drawing total blanks apart from Terminus Est and the homunculus in a jar from Citadel of the Autarch. I can imagine big Wolfe-inspired scenes, but something small and specific enough to tattoo is hard. Trying to remember the bit with the jar also just reminded me that I need to reread that over break. I've read Shadow & Claw four or five times, but I've only made it through the end of Sword and Citadel twice, and I'm forgetting a lot.


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