Mar. 13th, 2012

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Really feeling the Barthes tonight; from "Tacitus and the Funerary Baroque."

Death: "The idea here is not the product of reduction but of repetition."
"For [Tacitus] the past is an hallucination, an obsessional theater, a scene even more than a lesson: death is a protocol."
"We can tell from certain vibrations of the sentence that each victim knew he was dying."
"The act outshines its cause: there is no distinction between murder and suicide."

Mostly I like how he insists on taking all the deaths in the Annals collectively--the power of all these individual obituaries is really in their number.  I agree with Barthes, at least until he starts talking about terrorism and bean plants, but this of course fucks my thesis.  Not that I have to agree with my thesis, but it sure helps.

I've drawn lines on myself with a sharpie to try to figure out where to end my sleeve.  I've got a wrist bone line, 1" above the wrist,1.5", 1.75," and 2".  My forearms are so short 2" looks really far from the wrist and kind of weird.  I'd say the wrist is completely out, just from sitting here in a sweater with very long sleeves--no way to cover that unless I wear huge heaps of bracelets--1" looks best, but both 1.5" and 1.75" seem acceptable.  So tomorrow I'll wear work clothes and see which lines show.  I am obviously creating a professional obstacle for myself by getting a forearm tattoo of any length, but I don't want to fuck myself over too much.  
Back to work.


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