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So, I went to see Ron Swanson after survey last night with a new friend from my department. It was good--not I'm dying from constantly laughing hilarious like some stand-up shows, but it was basically a cool and funny guy talking for an hour and a half. Ohio State was the first stop on his tour of all the colleges, so I think the material was still a little rough. I greatly enjoyed the abundance of woodworking jokes, and have spent the past day feeling guilty about never having built a table, but at least I can say that I've done stained glass. Thank you summer camp.

It was a good time; chatted a bit about hobbies, and about how I should not date anyone in the department, and then immediately which men in the department I should date. New friend then moved on to people in adjacent departments, but I need to figure out a way to meet people who are not all graduate students. Or are at least not graduate students in anything closely related to what I do--maybe mad scientists? I feel like science is the opposite of classics. Sorry classics. I pitched Book of the New Sun, which is what I do whenever anyone I meet has the slightest interest in, well, reading.

Got home at about 10:40, which was clearly too late to do work, but it took me too long to unwind. I went to bed around 12:30, realized happily that it was now comfortable to lie on my right side, and woke up wired at 1:30. Never really made it back to sleep, except to have a weird divorce-related somewhat lucid nightmare. These nightmares are not about fighting or whatever, but actually feeling sad about it all the time again. It's very weird to suddenly have a 20-something life, instead of the real adult life (for lack of a better term) I had for a while, but I am moving on...

Today was somewhat sleep-deprived.
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